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Sách khóa học NEBOSH Diploma ID3 bản cứng


  • – Sách khóa học NEBOSH Diploma Unit ID2 bản cứng (printed study textbook)
  • – Unit ID2: Do – Controlling Workplace Health Issues

This guide provides an excellent overview of the common workplace health issues and how to control them.

This publication is aimed at all those who are currently practising as health and safety professionals anywhere in the world, or who wish to work towards doing so.

Summary of contents:

Unit ID2: Do – Controlling Workplace Health Issues (International)

  • Learning Outcome 9.1: Principles and Benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation, Occupational Health Services
  • Learning Outcome 9.2: Mental Ill Health at Work, Mental Health Controls, Well-Being, Work-Related Violence, Lone Working
  • Learning Outcome 9.3: Health Surveillance: Health Monitoring and Biological Monitoring, Alcohol/Drugs Policy and its Legal Implications
  • Learning Outcome 9.4: Human Anatomical System
  • Learning Outcome 9.5: Prevention and Control of Exposure to Hazardous Substances
  • Learning Outcome 9.6: Epidemiological and Toxicological Testing
  • Learning Outcome 9.7: Specific Requirements for Working with Asbestos
  • Learning Outcome 9.8: Ventilation, Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protective Equipment

Additional information

Year of Publication

June 2021

Type of book

Printed book=Bản cứng